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Intentional pause to plan for life beyond profession

Retirement is coming.
Financial planning is not enough.
We’re here to help.

Did you know that most people spend more time planning for their wedding than they do retirement?

Retirement is disorienting because it upends your identity & purpose, personal connections and the community around you. You have invested significant energy, time, and resources into your professional development. Life beyond profession requires focus and intentionality too.

The research is clear…

  • 40% increase in rates of depression and obesity among new retirees


  • 61% of early-stage retirees report feeling somewhat or always alone


  • Retirement age is the highest demographic of suicide, and rates are on the rise
  • Depression is the #1 cause of disability in the US overtaking cancer and heart disease


  • Healthcare costs of retirees are 2x for individuals with depression


  • Retirement significantly increases the risk of being diagnosed with a chronic condition

More than 10,000 people reach retirement age everyday. Few are ready for life beyond profession.


What is the Covered Bridge Program?

Think of it as orientation for retirement

The Covered Bridge Program is an immersive retreat designed for people nearing retirement or recently retired. It is a space to think, learn, reflect & create an intentional plan of action for this life transition.

Covered Bridge Program Overview

  • Highly interactive curriculum & customized workshops
  • Carefully curated moments for reflection & journaling
  • Intentionally engaging small group discussions
  • Creatively designed activities for high-impact application
  • Hand selected reading material & video content for depth & breadth of understanding
  • Thoughtfully developed plan of action for life beyond profession
  • Professionally trained guides to accompany you on this transition
  • And some awesome Covered Bridge Program swag to take home!



John Briggs

John Briggs is a self-admitted day dreamer and possibility generator, in the pursuit of solving human problems. As founder and Managing Partner of Authentica (formerly Catalyst1Global), John is known for his study and work in Emotional Intelligence and Adaptive Leadership as he has facilitated in all regions of the world, with companies of all shapes and sizes, and with people of all walks of life. He spends most of his time in keynotes, workshops and retreats helping companies reach their aspired culture through the intentional development of their people. His most recent research and work around effective life transitions excites John into the next chapter of his career with the launch of the Covered Bridge Program in 2023. In his personal time, John likes to be outside and in pursuit of physical, emotional, and social wellness for himself and those he loves.

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Authentica and find them and their approach to be a true partnership bringing a strategic approach with delivering in a truly human way that connects with people, resonates and drives lasting impact.

Mark P.Senior VP of Operations

"Everyone in our room was better off from what they heard, as Casey's outstanding ability to engage and communicate made his Emotional Intelligence presentation a truly transformative experience for our employees, impacting both professional and personal relationships positively."

Christy B.Head of Talent and Culture

Our Executive Development Program is our premier hi-potential executive development program used to accelerate the global careers of a very select group of vice presidents... John's programs were tied to the top rated portions and have been requested for stand-alone delivery. I strongly endorse John's work.

Mike D.Senior VP of Human Resources

Authentica's programs are impactful, dynamic, engaging, and life changing both personally and professionally, making them truly transformative experiences that stand out from other trainings and guarantee to make you a better person.

Michelle F.Senior Director of Human Resources

The foundational learning, experiences and coaching I received from Authentica has helped shape who I am today. I highly recommend them to help you and the people on your team move to the next level. Casey and John are as good as they come.

Jeremy N.CEO

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Authentica and find them and their approach to be a true partnership bringing a strategic approach with delivering in a truly human way that connects with people, resonates and drives lasting impact.

Jennifer S.Managing Director

John Briggs... has been a tremendous help to me and my team over the last seven years, especially as a mentor. He has helped us evolve and grow as leaders and people by providing us with wonderful tools to use in our careers and in everyday life.

Cory J.Senior Vice President, National Sales Manager

Authentica’s philosophy of making the complex simple, creating experiences that move people, and focusing on the total person… has stood out as game-changers. I would highly recommend John and Authentica…

Charles M.CEO, President

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